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Blue Adventurine

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Blue Adventurine regular size crystal of luck 

Interestingly, blue aventurine is known as the healer’s stone. This applies both physically and energetically. 

It is said that this crystal has the potent ability to remove anything that is working to block the third eye chakra, so that flow can occur and healing becomes almost second nature. 

Many find blue aventurine to be instrumental in the process of eliminating addictions. This ties into its natural ability to dispel bad habits. When the body is wracked with addiction, there is a very big energetic shift required before that individual will be in a place of receiving healing. Use it whilst meditating with focused intent on the removal of addictive behaviors. 

When the body is cleansed of endangering patterns, it is much easier to embrace a spiritual path. This is the only route to sustainable, long-term healing. A blue aventurine crystal won’t take all of your problems away, but it will illuminate the path toward salvation.