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Is Crystal Jewelry Worth Anything?

Posted by cayla tudehope on

Unveiling the Mystique: Is Crystal Jewelry Truly Valuable?

Would someone ask a diamond if they are valuable? Crystals & Gemstones have long held a captivating allure, serving as both mesmerising adornments and tools of spiritual significance. From Moldavite to Ruby, crystal Jewerly has been worn on the necks , wrists, and fingers of millions. But are they worth anything ? In this blog post , we will delve into the world of crystals and gemstones to explore their true value and significance, shedding light on their worth beyond their monetary price tags. 

1.The Intrinsic Value of Crystals:

Crystals are believed to possess unique metaphysical properties and are often associated with spiritual healing and positive energy. The intrinsic value goes beyond any material worth, as crystals are thought to resonate with the wearer's energy , bring balance and harmony in their lives. Assisting them as tools in their journey to ascension and enlightenment.


2. Rarity and Scarcity:

Some crystals and gemstones are indeed rarer than others, contributing to their higher market value. For instance stones like sapphire and emerald can command significant prices due to their scarcity and rarity. There are also different grades or clarity in amongst crystals and that is the other major factor along with scarcity in determining worth. However the value of crystals extends beyond their rarity, as even more common varieties can hold immense sentimental and spiritual worth to individuals.

3. Metaphysical and Spiritual Significance:

Crystal enthusiasts and believers in alternative healing often attribute spiritual properties to different gemstones as they emit an energy frequency on different scales. As we are going through different personal lessons on our journey of ascension our energy raises which also results in seeking higher vibrational crystals to assist when we get more challenging lessons as we become more aware. For example Moldavite is used to connect to ET's and higher realms and reminds us of our starseed heritage as we are all under the veil of forgetting while we are in the 3D Matrix . Where as Rose Quartz is more of a beginner crystal although loved by the advanced for its loving, calming and forgiving energy. The different meanings of crystals are to assist and to be used as tools. You may wonder why there are so many crystals with similar meaning and others being of a higher vibrational nature; its because we have spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels of energy to work on ( We are all on different levels of consciousness/ awareness). Trusting ones intuition as you embark on your crystal journey is key as you will be drawn to crystals to assist you at that specific time. 


4. Fashion and Aesthetic Appeal:

Apart from their esoteric significance , crystal jewelry has become a trendy fashion choice. Celebrities and influencers sporting crystal accessories have assisted in the rise of their popularity . Making a fashion statement with crystals even though one may not be totally informed about their meaning doesn't stop the crystal magic weaving its way into your life. Having the vibration of the crystal in your energy field will raise the environmental energy just by being worn.

5. Craftsmanship and Design:

The work and detail that goes into crafting Crystal Jewelry plays a major role in the worth of a piece. Handcrafted pieces with intricate settings and unique designs add appeal and worth regardless of the crystals used.

6. Historical and Cultural Importance: 

Throughout history , various civilisations have revered crystals and gemstones for their metaphysical properties. Just take the Egyptians for example who used to transport Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan to be used for the third eye in jewelry. Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and diamonds are considered some of the more precious gemstones in history .


Remember, the worth of crystal jewelry lies not just in the stones themselves but in the stories and emotions they evoke and the energy and healing they assist the individual with on their journey that provides the priceless value as we are on earth school. 

much Love xx