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Trolleite Tumblestone

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1 intuitively chosen regular size tumble 

Trolleite is a very rare phosphate mineral that contains Quartz, Lazulite & Scorzalite.

A soothing and healing crystal, working with trolleite can be useful for opening connections to spiritual guidance, and deepening into your own inner wisdom.

It is considered a powerful crystal for manifesting, and helps us to remove blocks in our spiritual progress.

Incorporate into your rituals and practices to motivate, inspire and attract opportunities.

It is an Ascension crystal for those seeking Higher Realm Wisdom and healing. Trolleite has many healing benefits. It helps remove the blocks or obstacles in the way of your spiritual journey. Using Trolleite for rituals and meditation practices will inspire, motivate, and attract an abundance of opportunities for you.

A calming soothing stone one should have in their collection. Trolleite helps connect you to your angels. It also helps on a cellular level by remembering your life's journey while enabling you to trust your inner self/intuition. It will help remove stress in our already busy, hectic lives.


Mineral Goddess has impressive Trolleite Towers available for you to incorporate into your crystal energy and spiritual work.