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Scenic Dentric Agate ring size 7

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Sterling silver 

The tree-like inclusions symbolize the growth that Dendritic Agate can bring into your life. It is especially known for:

  • Inspiring wisdom
  • Opening you to new experiences

  • Connecting you to your spirituality

  • Bringing stability in times of strife or confusion

  • Eliminating negative thinking

Dendritic Agate helps to expand your knowledge and insight into the world. It also allows you to gain insight into yourself. Before you can take advantage of the growth opportunities Dendritic Agate inspires, it first helps you connect with yourself and your own gifts.
It encourages self-acceptance and helps to transform negative energies into positive.

Dendritic Agate is overflowing with plentitude and attracts abundance, prosperity, and growth. It opens you to new opportunities and experiences.

Dendritic Agate’s inclusions also look like roots. This symbolizes the strength and stability that Dendritic Agate provides, connecting you with the Earth and your inner self.