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Rare Hypersethene Tumblestone

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Rare Hypersethene Tumblestone intuitively chosen 

The positive energy of hypersthene is said to put us at ease in social situations. This stone is a wonderful way to carry this energy on you at all times.
If you feel stressed or nervous, simply hold the stone to feel your worries melt away.
Hypersthene is a beautiful stone said to enhance self-esteem and emotional expression. It is recommended for overcoming shyness and makes a marvellous, practical gift for anyone who loves crystals.


This crystal cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into light vibration. It grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances all chakras and forms a protective shield around the body.

It can be used to stimulate contact with the “solution planes” of existence. In the meditative or non-meditative state, answers to problems of all magnitudes seem to come very quickly to the user.

In addition, it can help to combat irritability and criticalness, providing for discriminating judgement. It helps one to “stand up” for that which is right in one’s moral structure.
It helps one to maintain business relationships and to further personal relationships.
Facilitation of clairaudience can be enhanced, and discovery of information from the spiritual realm and astral realm is expedited.

It energises the aspects of self-respect, dispels the negative facets of pridefulness, and opens the door to the unlimited and desired opportunities at which the energy is directed.

When you’re stressed out over work, studying, family or personal problems, these crystals can help wash away your stress and balance you quickly. Black hypersthene comes with an instructional scroll and a fabric pouch to protect the crystal. The scroll contains instructions on how to clean and care for your crystal and also more detail about the unique properties of this crystal. The scroll also contains a short, effective and very ancient meditation transcribed from the ancient Sanskrit texts and flown out from the temples especially to share with you, showing you how to effectively wash away your stress.

The black crystals are charged with ancient energy, and act as a magnet, to absorb all negative emotions, out of your body. You’ll be astonished at how effectively it helps drain away from your stress and anxiety. These unique crystals make an excellent aid to our meditation course, and can also make a great gift for those you care for. Each crystal is unique in shape and size, so you’ll be assured of receiving a tool that is as distinctive as it is powerful.