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Psilomelane Pendant

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Sterling silver 

Psilomelane is the perfect stone to use in emotional crystal healing because it will help you identify patterns and discover hidden motivations. It will also work as a stone of protection and help you bring what’s best for all to the equation.

Psilomelane will be a very beneficial stone that will support you when you’re feeling down or heartbroken.

It will make you feel stronger and happier, and a little less sad. is a magical stone that is well known and used by shamans, alchemists and other workers of magic. With its dual energy of both earthly and spiritual vibrations, Psilomelane stones bring a little bit of magic and good luck into your life too.

Psilomelane is also known for being a strong spiritual stone of duality. It symbolizes the Light and Shadow sides of yourself, both of which you must accept for inner awakening. Psilomelane also helps you balance the masculine and feminine energy within yourself.

Other properties of Psilomelane include the following:

  • stimulates your Third Eye and Crown Chakras
  • stimulates and enhances your intuition and other psychic abilities
  • attracts powerful magic and good luck into your life
  • dispels negative energy and provides spiritual protection
  • accelerates your spiritual growth
  • enhances shamanic and magical practices
  • helps you to read the Akashic Record
  • helps you to change patterns of thinking and behaviour that no longer work in your best interests
  • useful for emotional and past life healing
  • brings harmony into your present life
  • stabilizes your nervous system
  • helps you to see and understand the deeper, darker aspects of yourself, as well as integrating them as part of self-mastery
  • balances Yin and Yang and masculine and feminine energies
  • also balances your intuition with your intellect and your conscious with your subconscious
  • helps you to be open and approachable to others
  • helps you to be optimistic and hopeful
  • often recommended for those who have been hurt so they can move forward in life
  • enhances your state of awareness
  • facilitates lucid dreaming
  • improves organizational skills
  • boosts the energy of stones with a lower vibration