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Orange Kyanite 7x5mm Pendant

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Sterling Silver


Orange Kyanite crystals are capable of facilitating the transformation of high etheric energies into the liquid crystal of our DNA, aiding us in producing physical evolutionary changes within a single lifetime. This can be something as simple as healing or as earthshaking as Light Body awakening. The catalytic potential of these stones is awesome. They are among the most powerful aids for manifestation, allowing one to bring one’s inner visions into outer form. This can be true within one’s body as well as in one’s day-to-day life.

There are only a few stones that work well for activating the awesome power of the second chakra, seat of our sexual and creative energies. Orange Kyanite is one of those stones. It stimulates the second chakra, and can clear it of negative energies and/or attachments. This can be of great help if one is working to clear old wounds and blockages on that area, from this life or from past lives. Meditating with one of these stones can help one attune to the incidents in which one’s creative power was interfered with through sexual manipulation or wounding. Seeing the dysfunctional pattern, one can more readily “a strengthening of one’s ability to use the will creatively. Meditation is fundamentally the training of attention. When one can hold one’s attention on something without being derailed by outer distractions or inner wandering, the secrets of whatever one is contemplating will eventually reveal themselves. The empowerment and unification of the first three chakras is essential to this process, and the ability to use one’s will to hold and expand the attention comes out of that empowerment. This is potentially one of Orange Kyanite’s greatest gifts, because it allows us to enter into cocreation with the Soul of the World. She is always ready to meet us in the creative dance, but we are not equipped to join her until our attention is under our own command.”