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DIOPTASE Gold pendant

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Sterling silver plated with 18k 1.25 microns gold 

Dioptase’s energy embodies the concept of “Namaste” (that which is Holy inside of me, greets that which is Holy inside of you). It helps us to see people and relationships as an opportunity to explore the Sacred, and to become our Highest Self. Dioptase encourages us to continually question, explore, and be willing to change. It charges us to become more spiritually evolved and empowered in every area of our life. Dioptase helps us to sit in the here and now, and allow the past to rest. It is only in the NOW that we can embody our full potential and step firmly into our power.


Dioptase is a vibrant green crystal known for its spiritual properties and meanings. It is often associated with the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing, compassion, and forgiveness. Dioptase is believed to help release past emotional pain and open one's heart to love and self-discovery. It can also assist in deepening one's meditation practice and enhancing spiritual growth. Additionally, dioptase is considered a stone of abundance and prosperity, attracting positive energies and opportunities into one's life. Remember that the spiritual meanings of crystals can vary, and personal experiences may differ.


Dioptase is a Seeker Energizer Crystal.
Seeker Energizers are fantastic energy conduits of the Universal Life
Force that help us have the energy and determination to success in seeking
new changes in our lives. It will aid you in efforts to become more flexible,
stronger, and to eat right.


Dioptase is a vibrant talisman of the heart that can help one relinquish extremely sensitive emotions such as grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, and self-hate. This special mineral exposes one’s heart and brings about soothing waves of life force energy that helps “reset” one’s emotional body. Each day this stone will pull out more strength from one’s body that may have gone dormant. This strength will eventually become so overwhelming that it will naturally raise one's self confidence and courage levels, forcing you to take action and make a change. This change can be something as small as removing a bad habit from your lifestyle or taking on a new activity that will help you grow on the path you ever so desire.

Understand Emotional Pain

We strongly recommend this crystal for anyone struggling with emotional pain. Sometimes one must understand that the answer isn’t physical and the change isn’t instant. Dioptase will teach you that vital lesson, along with life’s most important tool, patience. This mineral is very rare and hard to come by, just know that whenever Dioptase comes into your life, it is for a very special reason. Purchase this stone if possible and begin to work with it immediately. Its energies can be felt to the touch with a cool, calming sensation slowly overtaking one’s body.