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Indigo Kyanite Faceted pendant

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sterling silver chain pictured is 16 inch box chain 


Indigo Kyanite emanates energies that move deeply into the mind centers, stimulating the pineal gland and activating latent psychic abilities. One can use these stones to enter the state of lucid dreaming, wearing one to bed or placing it in the pillowcase. Astral travel while in the lucid state is also greatly aided by the energy of Indigo Kyanite.

When one needs penetrating vision to see the truth in a situation, or when confusion and uncertainty must be dispelled, Indigo Kyanite can help. This stone also inspires loyalty and fair treatment of “one’s fellow humans. It can help one work through disagreements and disputes and can aid in repairing damaged relationships. It can help one reconnect with one’s dreams and treasured aspirations, giving one the clear vision necessary to make them real.”