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Azeztulite Satyaloka Quartz

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Intuitively Chosen pieces of rare Azeztulite 

Satyaloka Azeztulite

Satyaloka Azeztulite infuses cells with satchitananda to assist in transforming the physical body into the Body of Light. Spiritual bliss and ecstatic rapture can be attained through the use of this form of Azeztulite.

All Azeztulite resonate with higher Chakras, but Satyaloka Azeztulite can specifically open the crown chakra to facilitate a flood of spiritual Light throughout all levels of the self, both spiritual and physical.

There are three known types of Satyaloka;

Satyaloka Clear - carries the pure White Light of Enlightenment. It is said to emanate pure spiritual consciousness and love, and to initiate such conscious in those who wear or work with it. It is among the most beloved and treasured of all metaphysical stones.

Azeztulite is a Quartz crystal that comes in many forms. It is a key component in Vibrational Ascension, and Lightworkers value it highly for the bridge it creates between realms when activated. It is incredibly powerful, with transformative effects that will greatly enhance spiritual awakening

Introduction to Azeztulite

Azeztulite is known as the “stone of light”. The name is derived from the Azez, spiritual beings who claimed that the stone would be an important tool for Lightworkers.