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Arfvedsonite Tumblestone

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Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio and Aries
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Throat

Arfvedsonite is commonly mistaken as Nuumite or Astrophyllite, though they are very different. The common difference between Arfvedsonite and Astrophyllite is the flash seen inside of Astrophyllite is a gold color whereas Arfvedsonite has both the gold flash as well as silver or blue.


Arfvedsonite is considered an essential and powerful crystal for psychics, healers and those wishing to enhance their connection to the spirit world. It is thought that Arfvedsonite aids with developing psychic abilities and seeing into the future.


Once you have adjusted to its vibration, the longer it is within your aura the more likely you are to find that it's energy may assist you.

Just a reminder of a few points that were mentioned earlier in the article.

  • It may assist you to let go of old behavior patterns that do not benefit you.
  • It may also assist you to develop clairvoyant abilities, also known as psychic visions.
  • Its energy may also stimulate positive thoughts and feelings and may help you to let go of negative energy.


Arfvedsonite has a supercharged energy within, capable of calming your emotional body while still maintaining a cool, collective mentality. This is perfect in times of distress, where one must be an adult and handle their responsibilities with a “poker face”. It pushes one to internalize their feelings until they are in a safe space or with a loved one where they can be vocalized. Doing so helps maintain an image of strength, while allowing your subconscious to remain in deep thought. During this time, one may come to the realization that it is a waste of time, energy, and emotion to hold onto something so minute. This will cause a natural release of negativity (a self purification experience) and give you the ability to laugh or talk about it afterwards with ease.

Opening Communication Channels

Arfvedsonite helps open your throat chakra to allow an outpouring of emotions, thoughts and feelings that one bears within. We recommend trying a new exercise to help one better communicate their emotional state. Try looking in the mirror while firmly grasping your piece of Arfvedsonite and slowly begin talking to yourself about the issues hurting you in that moment. Allow yourself to truly vacate whatever it is in your mind or heart, knowing that you are fully protected by Arfvedsonite’s energies. Do this a few times a week or each night before you go to bed and watch as you slowly begin to open yourself up (emotionally and spiritually) to the world around you.