Zawadi Golden Sapphire cut necklace

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Sterling silver 

Relatively unknown, Zawadi Sapphire is a beautiful, opaque gemstone characterized by an attractive bronze, golden sheen that shimmers across the gem’s dark chocolate body color. Visually unique, Zawadi Sapphire has an appearance somewhat reminiscent of the rare Black Star Sapphire from Bang Kha Cha in Thailand’s Chanthaburi Province. The rare golden sheen of Zawadi Sapphire has a medium saturation and deep tone, and is caused by inclusions of Hematite and Rutile.

Due the opacity of Zawadi Sapphire, a superior polish that maximizes the gems’ luster is absolutely critical. It took over one and a half years to develop the lapidary for Zawadi Sapphire, which required trial and error to correctly orientate and polish the crystals.