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Vivianite specimen piece

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 (please note these are specimens and small pieces may break off during transit and this is normal - great care will be taken to package ) Vivianite Vivianite embodies a deep heart based vibration. 



Vivianite embodies a deep heart based vibration. This energy is helpful to assist you to release any negativity from your thinking.

It is a valuable stone to support communication and it helps you to have a more compassionate ability to share information with others.

Its vibration may also inspire clearer and more harmonious communication.

It has beneficial metaphysical properties that help to remove any discordant energy from your aura. 


This stone's vibration stimulates in most people feelings of deep compassion for others especially for those who need help after some sort of trauma or upheaval.

It has an excellent healing action for those who are suffering from shock or  emotional wounding following distressing injuries or personal heartbreak.

Why Would You Use Vivianite?

Vivianite are useful for a number of reasons including to relieve stress and burnout and to inspire clearer communication.

They are worthwhile to use for meditation as they may help to boost your intuition, and one of its best uses is to have it close in your daily meditation. 


Vivianite is a stone that helps one dive deep into their heart, healing wounds old and new. It brings gentleness and awareness to some who may not normally tend to share these qualities while bringing compassion about yourself and others around you. Vivianite is a stone full of peace and love and will relight the care you may have lost for the closest people around you. As well as unlocking the heart, Vivianite also assists in removing negativity and unwanted energies from your mind, body, and auric field. For people who are dealing with depression and anxiety about yourself, Vivianite is highly recommended for you. It will help take away that feeling of “being uncomfortable in your own skin” and aid in embracing the beauty in yourself. Physically, Vivianite can help in the healing of the body as well.