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Vera Cruz & Charoite Pendant Gold Vermeil

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18k Gold Vermeil over Sterling silver 

An extremely high-vibration stone attuned to the transmutational violet flame, ethereal Vera Cruz Amethyst works with the etheric blueprint and subtle DNA to bring about profound inter-dimensional cellular healing. An effective stone for purification, particularly at the spiritual level, it removes imprints and attachments of all kinds. A protective stone, it facilitates safe out-of-body experiences and spiritual journeying.

Spiritually, this particular Amethyst instantly takes you into an alpha-combined with theta-brainwave state, facilitating meditation, trance and divination skills. When held to the soma or third eye chakras, it dreams a new world into being. A powerful tool for shamanic working at high levels, when placed on the soul star chakra this stone accesses the vibratory planes where souls meet and merge in oneness. Vera Cruz Amethyst activates and cleanses all the chakras, especially the third eye and crown or higher crown chakras, and aligns them to the lightbody through the soul star.

Psychologically, it is useful for understanding and reframing the causes of addictions, and in particular assists spiritual obsession, especially within the subtle bodies or stemming from a past-life cause. Vera Cruz is helpful in breaking the cycle of co-dependency that “realize that they can neither ‘do it for’ the addict, nor control an addict’s behaviour. This stone assists in standing back, loving unconditionally and allowing the other soul to take its own journey. It breaks a dependency on being the ‘caretaker’ – needing to be needed – or being the one who is ‘cared-for’, a karmic dynamic that underlies co-dependent relationships. Vera Cruz teaches that addictions are a search for the wholeness and immersion in spirit that communication with the divine brings about. Facilitating the expansion of self that the addict seeks in a more constructive way than is possible with drink, drugs or any other dependency, this stone helps the soul to express its gifts fully.

HEALING Works beyond the physical level of being to heal the lightbody, but effects profound cellular healing and supports in overcoming addictions.

POSITION Hold or grid as appropriate.”