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Petalite Pendant 2

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Sterling silver pink pera lite  pendant 

Comes on a free vegan leather necklace. If you want to have on a sterling silver chain go to the seperate chain collection & add to cart 💖



Petalite is soothing and healing for the emotional body. It is excellent for healing all types of emotional trauma but is particularly valuable for overcoming abuse/victim patterns. It is an ideal protective stone for children overcoming abuse, or who are having difficulty in maintaining their centres in the face of bullying. Petalite brings a frequency of calm self-acceptance and self-love. Its calming qualities can be attributed to its Lithium content. Lithium allows for the calming and balancing of traumatised emotions and energies.


With its mood supporting lithium content, petalite helps balance the emotions by keeping mood swings at bay, especially in romantic relationships. Let this stone remind you to invite and invoke angelic assistance to feel safe and secure. PETALITE AND THE MIND

Petalite is an excellent stone for those who are mentally scattered or flighty. When worn as jewelry or carried with one throughout the day, it will assist in perceiving one’s world from the calm, centered, and high-energy ‘witness’ self. It aids those who may get too caught up in what is going on around them, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

It is also a stone of manifestation, helping one bring to physical reality the exalted visions one finds as one journeys to the higher worlds.


Petalite helps you to maintain a balanced state of mental consciousness. Use this stone to think clearly and keep your perspective on reality. This stone facilitates creating calm peace and serenity. It calms people with hyperactivity when held with focused intention.


This stone is a powerful protector against bad energy, negative vibrations, even voodoo and black magic. When used in meditation or scrying, it brings peace and stillness It can enhance your ability to see psychic vibrations and the energies of other people. PETALITE AND THE SPIRIT

Petalite is a wonderful meditation tool, assisting in the easy transition from ego mind to centred consciousness. It can be used to enhance one’s sense of connection to All-That-Is and help one embody that consciousness even after meditative practice has ended. It assists in opening the third-eye and crown chakras and can stimulate higher perceptions. 

Petalite is an activator of the higher mind. It has a soft, balanced energy that can lift one easily and quickly into higher realms of awareness during meditation or can aid one in maintaining a higher state of awareness throughout daily activities.

Petalite helps you align your head with your heart while you are learning to balance your emotions. When communication does not feel as strong, use this stone to reactivate your connection wiht the angelic realm. It stimulates the link to higher consciousness and facilitates communication from Ascended Masters  and other spiritual guides. With this stone in hand, listen to the messages from angels with your heart.


Petalite is sometimes known as the "Angel Stone" because it enhances angelic connection. It  opens cosmic consciousness, helps in spiritual purification. Petalite is  a protective stone that enhances meditation and attunement, it takes you to a very calm and clear spiritual dimension where causes can be understood and then changed.