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Spectrolite Pendant Gold Vermeil

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18k Gold Vermeil over Sterling silver 

Spectrolite is a rare variation of labradorite.

As one variety of Labradorite, it also radiates Labradoresence, which is very captivating to whoever sees it.

Some may argue and think this for the other variation of labradorites, which usually happens, but to spot a natural spectrolite lies in looking at the color.

Spectrolite is the easiest to distinguish from the other varieties of Labradorites because it stands outs from the rest by its spectral range of colors.

Finnish spectrolite labradorites can also be spotted easily due to their intense, more dramatic show of colors.

Differing from other variations of labradorite feldspar, this multicolored precious gem has a smooth surface and does not vary from rough and polished forms.

Spectrolite has a dark opaque base unlike any other variations of labradorite.

As a gem, spectrolite has higher quality than the other labradorites because it is uncommon, and scarcity rates it a high-value item.