Smithsonite necklaces

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Numbered 1-3 left to right long and adjustable necklace 


Soothes the emotions • Releases stress• Deepens love & compassion• Works on All chakras

Soothes emotional body and releases stress. It cools anger and resentment, allowing one to reestablish the awareness of oneness . It dispels anxiety, promotes calm and clarity , encouraging one to view difficult situations with fresh compassionate eyes. Allows to see the light even in dark times of depression. Excellent meditation crystal by calming and relaxing the mind. The ability to share ones heart and emotions . Helps you to feel closer to ones angelic guardians and spirit guides and feel supported by the universe. It can help one release grief and heartache by fostering a deep understanding of eternal love.

Affirmation- I am calm and clear; my emotional body is in a state of rest , relaxation , rejuvenation and peace and my perception extends into multiple realities.