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Scapolite Macrame necklace

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Small piece of scapolite  on a adjustable necklace which slips over the head and can be adjusted (not super long is designed to be worn shorter or the higher heart area - for a longer crystal macrame necklace check out the build a necklaces ones as they are longer and also adjustable )

Scapolite grants the focus, discipline, and willpower needed to make your visions a reality. It aligns your will with the will of the universe, moves events and energies to support you and your success, and ensures that everything you create is built on a strong, solid foundation.

In its purple variety, scapolite activates the Crown Chakra – your portal to the angelic realms. Purple scapolite expands consciousness, balances the spiritual and physical bodies, encourages positivity, and facilitates astral travel. It helps you to get rid of old patterns so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Purple scapolite also connects you with your past lives and with the consciousness of your higher self.