Rare Pink Thulite Tumblestone

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Rare pink thulite regular size Tumblestone intuitively chosen


Thulite is a stone that radiates love, compassion, happiness, joy and serenity. Potent vibrations of this stone can be felt when standing near a larger piece or when holding it in your hand. Subtle, yet soft energy begins to imbue your aura, resonating directly with your heart. These pink rays are here to aid you as you embark on a journey into the depths of your soul. Thulite pushes old emotional pain to the forefront, urging you to face these negative experiences once and for all. This weight may have been carried for far too long and has been consciously driven down in a refusal of acceptance. Thulite will end that way of thinking and provide you with endless amounts of healing vibrations. By facing and removing these “inner demons” from your heart, one will become stronger and allow a more pure form to shine through. We urge you to carry a piece with you as you begin your self-healing journey. Become comfortable with Thulite’s energy and begin deep meditation sessions with a piece placed directly over your heart.

Healing Emotional Wounds

We can’t recommend this stone enough to anyone dealing with any sort of emotional pain, especially that of a broken heart. It immediately provides comfort and acts as a support stone for you to “lean” on. Envision this stone giving you an ethereal hug in which its energy will shield you from anymore unnecessary pain and trauma. Lastly, for all those who suffer from constant PTSD, try meditating with a piece of Thulite directly over your third eye. A relatively unknown trait is that Thulite is able to open up one’s mind and expand their mental consciousness. This is ideal for anyone constantly being triggered by their surrounding environment. It's a stone for one to escape too, while providing the necessary energy to keep pushing you forward.

Connect to the third eye and heart chakras - means you will have a heart-centered awareness
Bring a joyful and happy energy to your emotional body and it will help remove the negative thoughts and emotions
Perfect stone to have with you if you are a performer or regularly speak in front of people
Will help you feel more relaxed in socialising
Show you the meaning of unconditional love - You will be inspired to give love as much as you receive love

Dispel any kind of negative feelings that you have for yourself or your partner
Help you see the higher perspective of your emotional experiences
Be able to release your guilt and learn to trust in yourself once more
Teaches self appreciation
Also help break your harmful thought habits
Releases shame and the need to punish yourself
Rid of harmful addictions that don’t make you feel worthy of having a good life
Remove feelings of shame and guilt. It will get rid of your tendency to punish yourself for your past mistakes

Healing for relationships because it will remove the hurts and pains that you have in your heart
Protect you from dishonest people
Aids conditions that affect the ovaries and the testicles

Strengthen your heart and boost your blood circulation. 

Improve your sexual stamina (root and sacral)
Pair with moldavite - enthusiastic about your life, and it will inspire you to be more extroverted and outgoing
Use frequently if you would like to make more friends - the right ones for you