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Peridot Bracelet

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Universal size braceletĀ 

crystal of joy šŸ’š

Peridot is aĀ fascinating, yet underrated crystal healing stone to work with. It has a very rich, deep, and interesting web of connections with the history of the Heavens and the Earth.

Peridot is the French word for, ā€œolivine.ā€ It is also known as, and less commonly referred to as Chrysolite. When the stone is referred to as peridot, it actually describesĀ a high grade, gem-quality stone of Olivine that is clear, translucent and with a bright greenish color. The clear, glassy and bright green qualities are distinguishing of aĀ peridot. Otherwise, Olivine is named for the more common ā€˜gradeā€™ of the stone, and exhibits a visibleĀ cloudiness or milkiness.


Peridot is a crystal of positive power, a talisman for recognizing and honoring the Creator's frequency of Love, the source of all abundance. Used with right intent, it helps expand one's ability to receive from the Universe on all levels of life.