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Opal (Ethiopian) necklace 8

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The Ethiopian opal is a reliable and effective gemstone for welcoming spiritual light into the aura. Moreover, it opens up your mind to fresh hopes and wishes. It also awakens the mystical and psychic qualities of the stone’s user.

The stone enhances the user’s cosmic awareness, thus increasing their level of insight and intuition. It also augments lucid dreaming and has been used to invoke apparitions. It has protective advantages and is used by people venturing deep into the journey of self-healing.

The stone is believed to be linked to Mercury and Hermes, the Greek god. It is a jewel of light and attracts angelic energies to allow for easier communication with the heavens. In addition, the Ethiopian opal is also a water stone possessing the perfect vibration to connect with water spirits.

It also grants intuitive recognition, allowing you to easily absorb what the cosmos demands and not what it requires. The stone helps to fight materialism and also solidifies religious beliefs. It has found great use and reverence among monks, hermits, and different people seeking spiritual nourishment.