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Muscovite Tumblestone

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1 regular to large size tumble of intuitively chosen red muscovite 

Red Muscovite or commonly called Red Mica has a wonderful shine and enlivens the sense of awareness of higher inner self, intuition and psychic envision. It enlivens the mind sharpening skills and makes you witty minded. It can reduce the feel of insecurity and self - doubt and espouses anticipation. It bolts and boots up self- confidence and leads to decrement of nervousness and stress and physical tension. It is salutary to you when you are in a transition phase of your life and helps you to adapt changes in your life in an explicit way. It espouses selfless love for others. It opens your heart as a channel gate to share and accept people with imperfections. It regulates proper weight of the body and prevents hunger during fasting. It also regulates proper functioning of the kidneys and pancreas. It relieves from insomnia also.

Red Muscovite Special Properties, Uses & Benefits

The explicit beats and vibrations espouses you to pay more attention towards your emotional side. It is salutary if you have any past abrogating effects from the opening up of your psychic dexterities. An immense gob of knowledge will from your spirits.