Hematite Chrysoprase tower 8

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Hematite is an extremely grounding crystal, capable of balancing everything in your life, as well as the light versus the dark and male versus female aspects of self. This is a root chakra stone, capable of keeping you tethered to the physical plane and balancing as above so below. This is a stone that allows you to keep your feet firmly on the ground, yet be able to do work on your soul and spirit in unison. Hematite helps you to stay focused on what is attainable and to achieve your goals in step by step processes with greater focus and balance. Lowering your stress level keeping yourself from becoming overwhelmed and keeping you in the present are major benefits of working with Hematite in your day to day ritual work. Some say hold a Hematite point over a painful area and sit quietly for 10 minutes. Use these towers to charge and energise the atmosphere of any room or workplace and as a meditation focal point.