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Healing Trauma/ Grief kit

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Crystal combinations to help heal and release trauma and grief and this can also include healing from a relationship breakup . Each kit comes with a crystal bag and crystal card meaning

•Pink Opal - If you are healing from a break up, or the loss of a loved one, it will help to heal your heart & painful emotions, encouraging you to move forward and open your heart to love again. Heals subconsciously held pain

•Kunzite - Deep emotional healing of the heart chakra & removes blockages to become receptive of love and energy

•Botswana Agate -Assists during the grieving process or when deeply hurt. A crystal of Hope helping you not to dwell on past trauma to move forward

•Mangano Calcite - It brings suppressed emotions to the surface to be processed & released

•Moss Agate - Assists with overcoming emotional trauma & gives you the courage to begin again

•Rose Quartz - Deep inner healing & assists with Forgiveness & acceptance