Healerite Tower

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Healerite stone has a profound & loving energy that raises your vibrations at a physical cellular level & aligns your subtle bodies, helping them to work in harmony. Health & healing are two good words to describe this beautiful stone which resonates to the highest frequency of love. Additional meanings of Healerite include the following:

  • supports you physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally & spiritually
  • energizes & heals your Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras
  • connects you to the Divine spiritual & inter-dimensional realms
  • protective stone that shields your cellular structure & etheric field
  • balances your body & emotions
  • excellent stone for any kind of emotional healing
  • heals old & current emotional wounds
  • helps you to see the lessons from past life experiences
  • helps you to move forward in life in a more positive way
  • encourages self-love & acceptance, as well as compassion for others
  • calms your nerves, relieves stress
  • brings joy, optimism & openness in its place
  • encourages you to be generous, intimate & loving
  • dispels & releases negative emotions
  • encourages you to be open & flexible
  • increases your Chi (life force)
  • aligns all of your Chakras
  • promotes lucid dreaming
  • powerfully revitalizing
  • increases your energy & vitality
  • instills overall feeling of wellness
  • helps you to connect with Mother Earth & Nature