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Video Energy Healing 30 mins

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30 min Session done via distance on video chat . FaceTime or Skype . Dm @loveloons or email to arrange appointment time . The time zone I am in is qld Australia AEST . Please note a no show for appointment will result in whole fee being charged still. 


About Me: 💗

Reconnective Energy healing practitioner .
My name is Cayla and have been a certified Level III Scheim Sekhem Practitioner since 2012 . Also Practicing Reiki since 2008 & have been using these skills in everyday life , clients, friends & random strangers for 14 years.  Helping to transmute energy on a mental, emotional & spiritual level plus much more. Specialising in areas from pregnancy / fertility / truama , self love , family issues , body issues to any blocks in abundance & personal power . Everything is energy, the key to energy healing is transmuting the energy/ lesson to the highest good so that you can be the light being you are free from the heaviness of certain life lessons on our ascension (life journey) 

Certified practitioner in Scheim Sekhem (Egyptian form of energy healing more powerful than Reiki)

Advanced Level Crystal Healing Ho’oponopono Practitioner (Hawaiian ancient healing dating back to lemurian)

Reiki Healing

Shamanic Techniques stemming from Egyptian ,Native Indian &  Atlantian times

Sound Healing



1-email a clear Solo picture of yourself (no filters) immediately upon placing order to loveloons.crystals@gmail.com to avoid delay in healing being completed (failure to send pic the day of placing order will result in order being cancelled)


What Is Distance or Remote Healing?

The universe is full of healing energies, one of which is Distance Healing. As the name suggests, this form of healing is sent across time and space to the receiver and has powerful healing effects. The healer does not have to be physically present to perform the healing session. It can be done over the phone or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between the healer and the seeker. Distance energy healing is equally effective as real-time, in-person healing because the healing energy is not limited by time or by distance. Everyone has a unique experience, and it’s very likely to feel the same vibrations that you would have in the same healing room. In alternative healing energy and holistic medicine therapies, healing practitioners work with the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of an individual by accessing their body’s energy and transferring it to the seeker.

Distance healing is as powerful as any other healing practice, but it requires clients to have a higher level of faith in the process. The healing vibration is not limited or affected by distance. During the process of remote energy healing, you may feel that someone is touching you or some heaviness in your limbs. It’s best to stay calm and endure the healing process.

How Difficulties Occur in Your Energy Field

Obstacles in your daily life may come from different areas including but not limited to blocked chakras, curses, negative entities, and childhood traumas that affect your emotional and physical health.

Remote Energy Healing could assist with:

  • Childhood traumas
  • Nurturing your inner child
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Healing ailments
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Stress reduction
  • Social anxiety
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Cleansing of bodies toxins
  • Better wellbeing
  • Deep relaxation and improved sleep
  • Better immune system functions
  • Increased vitality
  • Improving holistic lifestyle

These unpleasant events build imbalances and blockages that can trigger illness and disease in the physical body. It also affects relationships, finances, and mental health. Distance Energy Healing has been around for thousands of years. It is now getting accepted to work more with western medicine as people realise that physical ailments are often manifestations of energetic conditions.

How does distance healing work?

You may probably ask yourself how does distance healing works if not being physically in the same room. Distance healing (also known as remote healing) works with chi energy that can be sent across any distance to a seeker. The healing energy can be sent via thought, emotion, and intention to the receiver with pure intentions to heal, so it will positively affect the seeker. No matter how small or vast the distance is, energy can travel beyond the limits of time and space to reach you wherever you are. Remote healing and prayers can both send across time and space. The best thing about distance healing is that not only humans but also animals and the environment can heal from distance healing.

The perception of time keeps us rooted in the physical realm but at the same time, we may also limit our ability to manifest change and experience of life. In shamanism, time is just an “illusion”. Like all perceptions, this illusion of time and space can be surpassed or altered with appropriate training.
The energy healer is going outside of time and space when providing remote healing.
She is changing her perception to a place where time flows not only forward but backward and where separation does not exist but only oneness with the Creator.