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Conichalcite pendant

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Sterling silver pendant only . Add chain in seperate chain selection >A gentle yet intensely strong distance healer that activates life force energies. Conichalcite stimulates intuition & connection to higher energies. Opens lightchannels bringing in ancient information & universal wisdom. Used in meditation it opens doorways to past life’s & alternate realms. This crystal is an excellent stress manager & unblocks emotional wounds.

Conichalcite is a new beginnings crystal which facilitates fresh growth by shifting blockages in the way of your soul’s life purpose. Releases Karmic ties & cleans the aura of toxic influence. Enhances stability, strength & endurance. Balances the heart chakra it opens the spirit to powerful loving light. An excellent healing stone that teaches us to look for lessons in life & turns negative energies into positive vibrations. Also fantastic for Earth healing


### Conichalcite: Spiritual and Metaphysical

#### Emotional Healing and Balance

Conichalcite promotes emotional healing and balance, helping to release negative emotions like anger, fear, and sadness. It fosters inner peace and emotional stability, aiding in the healthy processing of feelings and making it easier to navigate emotional challenges.


#### Heart Chakra Activation

Strongly connected to the heart chakra, conichalcite opens and activates this energy center. It encourages the flow of unconditional love, compassion, and empathy, facilitating emotional healing and enhancing relationships through a loving and harmonious energy.


#### Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities

This mineral stimulates the third eye chakra, enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. Conichalcite sharpens psychic senses, providing clearer visions and insights, and supports the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, making it valuable for divination and spiritual practices.


#### Grounding and Protection

Conichalcite provides grounding and protection by anchoring the user’s energy to the Earth and forming a protective shield around the aura. This grounding effect is crucial for maintaining balance and stability, especially for those sensitive to external energies.


#### Spiritual Growth and Transformation

Conichalcite aids in spiritual growth and transformation, encouraging self-discovery and the release of old patterns. It aligns individuals with their highest purpose, promoting spiritual evolution and the embracing of new beginnings.


#### Physical Healing Properties

Conichalcite supports the immune system and detoxifies the body, promoting overall vitality and well-being. It aids in the absorption of essential nutrients and minerals.