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Cinnabite Tumbles lower grade

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Cinnabite tumbles lower grade intuitively chosen sale

A crystal of purpose and destiny can help you achieve your divine mission on earth . 
Cinnabar In Scapolite also known as Cinnabite tumbled stone which comes from Peru. The red/pink/raspberry spots is the Cinnabar encased in a lovely white/off white coloured scapolite and holds the properties of both minerals.  

Cinnabar which is also known as Dragon's Blood attracts abundance.  It is ideal for anyone connected with sales as it increases persuasiveness and assertiveness in selling.  Cinnabar can help enhance your persona and image, by helping to make the outward demeanor pleasing and elegant.  It also aids communication at all levels, and helps to unblock trapped energy and realign the body.

Cinnabite holds the crystalline properties of both minerals and makes this a wonderful healing tool!