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Celestobarite Necklace

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Sterling silver on 18 inch chain (other chain lengths and styles under chain collection)

Celestobarite is said to possess supportive energies that are highly beneficial during meditation sessions and shamanic journeys. Crystal healers and metaphysical experts say that celestobarite stone has the power to bring clarity to our vision and understanding of things surrounding us. It is believed that this gemstone can help us find the answers to things that do not seem clear and enable us to make informed decisions in life. Celestobarite is believed to 'cut through barriers', taking you to the edge and safety beyond.

A Shamanic Oracle Stone that shows you what happens in the future, Celestobarite clarifies issues and then lets you decide. Considered an excellent journeying stone that holds you suspended between the base and crown chakras, this stone acts as a guardian while you are in the Shamanic middle world. Presenting the dark side in a joyful way, this crystal has a 'joker' energy which also reminds us that nothing stays the same.