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Capricorn Crystal kit

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Crystals for Capricorn  

—Smithsonite- Assists with bringing lightness & joy into the serious natured cappy’s life. Helps release any truama/ heavy burdens/ or blockages.

-Cinnabite -  A crystal of purpose and destiny can help you achieve your divine mission on earth. Stone of success /Manifestation in all finances & worklife.

-Garnet - Creates a safe environment for the sensitive Capricorn which allows space to explore their emotional growth. Strength, balance, inner brightness .

- Smokey Quartz - Provides the grounding/ SAFE energy they need to thrive. Removing fear and negative energy and emotions from the body & mind.

-Mangano calcite- It is a stone of peace and well-being, filling the space with a relaxing, clearing and revitalizing vibration. Providing emotional support.