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Blue Scheelite Pendant 2

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Sterling silver Blue Scheelite  pendant 

Comes on a free vegan leather necklace. If you want to have on a sterling silver chain go to the seperate chain collection & add to cart 💖


Blue Scheelite, also called Lapis Lace Onyx, is a rare and captivating crystal native to Turkey, is actually a combination of Calcite and Dolomite.

Blue Scheelite helps us see the bigger picture of life with non-judgement and inspiration, and help us connect to a nurturing community. It is an excellent stone for building community and togetherness with others.

Blue Scheelite is deeply calming and reinforces our own stability to give us the foundation to deepen our consciousness. This also translates to forming a deeper bond with our own soul as we seek to connect with our Higher Selves.

Blue Scheelite possesses the incredible ability to open our minds to new perspectives and allows us to see the bigger picture in any situation. It aids in forming loving, supportive communities in which all are meant to thrive.

Blue Scheelite opens, activates, and heals the Crown and Throat Chakras. It is associated to the nurturing support of Cancer.