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Blue Kunzite Necklace 9

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Sterling silver blue kunzite necklace - 

Natural blue kunzite pieces like these are the rarest variety of this emotionally soothing stone. Kunzite works to help open the heart to the energies of love—love for self, others, humanity, animals, and all that is. This stone creates a direct channel from one’s heart to the vibration of Divine Love. Because once we are able to embrace all types of love, the inevitable result is that we are ready to consciously receive Divine Love, which is the ultimate goal of all spiritual work.
Kunzite gives voice to the heart, opening a channel of pure communication between one’s intellectual and emotional aspects. The heart is wise beyond your imagination. It is the part of you which always instinctively knows the true path of action. And even though the heart’s magic cannot be explained with logic, the depth of its knowledge is undeniable.
This gemstone ally gently dissolves all the blockages that you have built around your heart due to life experiences, both present and past. Kunzite allows the regeneration of complete and joyful receptivity, which is your true state of being. It warmly encourages a childlike way of approaching life—with abundant joy, shameless excitement, and abundant delight.