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Smokey Citrine Freeform

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Smokey citrine freeforms numbered 1-4 left to right 

Metaphysical Properties
The crystal of abundance & serenity, they bring great prosperity anchoring wishes into the physical realm. This crystal removes the illusion of fear changing ones perception of good & bad. Smokey Citrine’s show us the cycles of life & give understanding to what must die to give rise to new life. They gift us with seamless transformation teaching the lessons of the phoenix & helping to shed blockages in the form of old negative energies.
They also anchor our life force energy deep into the Earth, from this connection comes greatly enhanced Kundalini or fire energy, this is a powerful strength when manifesting. In addition to the Earth anchor they facilitate a massive powerful golden energy field which protects & connects to the higher realms, allowing divine guidance to be ever present.
Smokey Citrine’s transform all negative energies into positive growth orientated energy filled with pure love. They create a shift of perspective opening the soul to endless expansion & integrating your ancient soul into conscious understanding. These crystals are doorway keepers they filter in ancient knowledge & access other worlds.
Smokey Citrine's teach us the truth of the eternal self, giving a profound awareness & leading to spiritual enlightenment. They show us how to use love to blend light & dark energies into endless creation. The ability to master all Earth elements is found within the Smokey Citrine’s.